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The possibilities are endless
when your energy is healed, balanced and in tune with the Universe....
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"The Natural healing Force within each one of us
Is the greatest force in getting well."  ~ Hippocrates
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If you are searching for a balanced, peaceful state of being.  If you know something feels "off" but you don't know where to start, then you're at the right place.  I can bring Healing Light to your confusion & chaotic energy, to help your energy return to a balanced state of wellness.  Your natural state of wellbeing is filled with love and light, and ultimately joy, and we often forget what that feels like, we just know we want to feel something better. 

With Reiki energy healing or chakra balancing,  just to name a few, your Soul's energy will remember this natural state of bliss and you'll be joyfully back to your real Self in possibly only 1 session.  I want to help you remember... 

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What Clients Say

I really enjoyed my reading with Hope.  She was friendly and engaging, I could tell just how much she loves doing Tarot and this new practice is like a calling for her.   She offered several decks to choose from, and I opted for spirit to pick the deck.  And spirit was spot on!  I loved the deck’s messages and beautiful illustrations.  I asked a general yes/no question, and she pulled three cards for past, present, and future. 

I was AMAZED at how accurate each card was. We both got goosebumps!!!  You just know when your medium is channeling messages that you need to hear, and I was so thankful for the detail she offered while delivering it.   I can't wait to see where her developing gift will take her.

Stacie Sorenson

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