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Energy driven Intention....

My intention is to heal chaotic energy, by whatever means necessary, and teach you how to do the same, for your Self, and your community.  Bringing Light to the darkness, that's my ultimate desire.

I am a certified Reiki Healer, Energy Medicine Specialist, Spiritual & life Coach, Sound therapy practitioner, and I love all things Chakra related, ie, balance and realignment of unsettled and/or imbalanced energy centers, as well as Crystal healing modalities.  I am also an Intuitive Tarot reader and would love to provide you with the clarity and direction you seek to live your best life.  I am new to the online business side of life so a bit of Grace and patience would be greatly appreciated until I get accustomed to this digital age of Aquarius!  I want to share the Light within my Self to encourage your body, mind and Spirit to emanate the Light within your Self.  With each one that intends for their Light to shine, we will empower the entire planet to shine as well.  

We all desire the feelings of enlightenment and well-being that come with the Energetically balanced version of ourselves. This truly is an empowering energy that we all deserve to experience!  Let's bring Light to all the darkness out there!


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