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Reiki Energy Healing

Get your Self in alignment with a Reiki session.  If you're feeling "off" this is your "on", and if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort, you'll be amazed at the healing power of Reiki. 


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If there is a part of your life that you'd like some clarity about, maybe a question about your relationships, your career, or a general direction of where you're going in life and how best to get there, then lets ask the cards!  They will always provide the exact message you need to hear, and the Divine guidance will give you the clarity you've been looking for.


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Tarot Reading

Chakra Alignment

If a complete Energetic healing session isn't necessary or you just need a quick tune-up to get things back in balance, a relatively quick chakra assessment and Alignment would be the perfect choice for you!  It does not take as long as a Reiki session, yet it can have the same impact on your overall vibration and sense of wellbeing.

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