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My Story

My name is Hope, a proud native of Colorado, graciously blessed with 4 wild children, who show me daily how energy flows through their little bodies.  I have always been sensitive and empathic to a fault, but I have always thought there was more to this Universe, and the energy that sustains all of life.  I have a natural desire to help others feel better, whether that is physically, emotionally, spiritually, or energetically.  My healing abilities came as a surprise after years of not understanding what the intense vibrational feeling was consuming my hands.  It took years of personal research, spiritual inquiry, self-reflection, and ultimate surrender to finally understand what incredible abilities were at my disposal, and to share and heal others simply by the power of my hands and pure intention. 

I realize Energy Medicine is not accepted by everyone as a true healing modality, but I pray that in due time, those that doubt will see and feel that energy is what makes this Universe, and every single aspect within, continue to grow and thrive.  This is obvious to those of us that can literally feel the energetic changes around us, but since you usually cannot "see" the energy, its hard for others to understand.  I have a solution for those that need evidence....Come visit me in person or online for a Reiki Session or Chakra alignment, and you will feel such an amazing difference that you will be a confident client and believer of this Energy, an energy that can work with us and for us in countless ways!  

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