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Wellness Coach

Spiritual and Life Coaching

Do you have the heavy feeling in your heart that you just cannot seem to get through?  Is there something that you desperately need to resolve but need some solid coping skills to process?? Do you want a real solution?  I have over 20 years of experience working closely in a psycological/therapeutic environment, with coping skills and mindset techniques that can, and will, change your life, just as I was able to do.  There is no reason to live in a depressed or anxious state of consciousness any longer!  I have personally changed my entire outlook on life and my connection to our Universal Source!  You will grow mentally and spiritually with these techniques, and I know that it starts with one foot in front of the other, and an awareness that shows the power of your thoughts.  I have every possible tool in my psychological toolbox, and we will find one at a time that resonates with your current issues, and I will not stop until your vibrational frequency is glowing and positively magnetic, the way you were meant to shine!


          Life is too short to spend any more of your energy being angry, sad, or anxious, when the solution is simple and absolutely worth the effort!  I know that gratitude and humor literally saved my life when I had postpartum depression 16 years ago, and the knowledge I attained and fought hard for, were driven with perseverance and unwillingness to let my negative thinking take me down.  Your thoughts literally create emotions, which is 'energy in motion', and those emotions create a vibration/frequency that will be matched up with like-energy from the Universe.  I want to show you what you can do to raise your frequency with your thoughts and be matched with Divine manifesting energy!

You absolutely can Change your Thoughts, and that alone can Change your Life! 

Let me teach you how!

Tarot Reading

20 min Tarot Reading!

Receive the clarity and direction you're seeking with insight coming straight thru the cards


20 min Energetic Reset & Restore! 

Let Reiki Energy renew your Spirit and Align your Chakras when you receive an Energetic Reset! 

Balanced energy = Balanced Self

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